Society and e-mentoring

Working together with charities, the voluntary sector and local authorities we provide an effective way of communicating in a secure and protected environment.

The security within eMentor Pro is tailored to your programme's needs. We censor words specified by you from the email exchanges (e.g. swear/ sexual words or words that relate to money or loans). As eMentor Pro was designed with child protection in mind mentoring programmes can be run for young or vulnerable adults with extra peace of mind.

In cases where mobility is limited e-mentoring allows for fluid communication between the mentor and mentee. For those who may be trying to improve their ambitions and skill sets e-mentoring allows them to seek advice and help as part of an overall programme with specific objectives and timescales.

e-mentoring looks to address areas such as:

The Reduction of re-offending.

The Reduction of Social Isolation

Intergenerational mentoring

Support for those with disabilities

Support for Looked after children

Support for carers

Support for young Adults with chronic illnesses.


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