eMentor Pro overview

eMentor Pro provides secure e-mail mentoring for young and vulnerable people. It is designed to:

  • Protect the mentee
  • Be easily accessible
  • Be powerful yet simple
  • Reduce coordinators' work
  • Be easily incorporated with face to face mentoring
  • Record all that happens
  • Be secure
  • Encrypt recorded data and real e-mail addresses
  • Text the mentee when they have an e-mail (optionally)
  • Check for suspicious words
  • Produce statistics

The key strengths of eMentor Pro lie in its flexibility. There are a large number of configurable options that can be used to tailor the system to your needs. eMentor Pro is used both to complement face to face mentoring but also can be used as a stand-alone solution.

eMentor Pro has been designed around the protection of the mentee. Authority to enter the system and pair the participants flows from the top, based on best practice child-protection.

Users' real e-mail addresses are held securely encrypted in the eMentor Pro database. All mentoring e-mails pass through eMentor Pro and are logged so that there is a record of all that happens. As it arrives, each e-mail is checked for suspicious words and may be referred to a coordinator. A random selection of the e-mails is routinely extracted for inspection by the coordinator

As soon as an e-mentoring pair is set up, the application allows them to send mentoring emails to each other without either party having to disclose their real email addresses. They can send and receive the emails either by logging on to the website or through their normal school/work e-mail address.

Initial coordinator training and ongoing telephone support are included within the annual licence fee.


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