Education and e-mentoring

eMentor Pro was designed with the needs of education based mentoring in mind. As a result we take child protection very seriously. Apart from being able to identify and censor words of the coordinators' choosing, it can also be configured to remove email addresses and telephone numbers from email exchanges. Censored emails are passed on to the recipient but copies are also sent to the coordinator thus allowing the coordinator complete visibility without disrupting the fluidity of the conversations. eMentor Pro can also be configured to periodically send coordinators a random selection of the mentoring emails to enable the coordinator to ensure that the mentoring relationship is as it should be.

While we understand the importance of child protection, we believe that it should not affect the ease of use of the system. We have therefore designed it so that users can write and reply to messages using their school, work or personal email addresses. All emails are routed through a secure eMentor Pro email address (therefore ensuring that mentors and mentees don't exchange their real email address) and are recorded giving a full audit trail. The system can even be set up to send a text to users to notify them of a new email.

Currently eMentor Pro is used in a number of education and vocational based projects, these include:


Education Business Partnerships

Careers/ vocational mentoring (including work related learning)

Support for under/over achievers

Peer mentoring

University admission programmes

Summer schools


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