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“The freedom for pupils to contact their mentors whenever they want to has been very useful” (School co-ordinator)

“A number of the Year 11 students said that they benefited from the revision support offered to them by their mentors” (School co-ordinator)

“I feel like I have benefited from the e-mentoring, it has helped me with school work and a clear idea of what I want to do in the future” (Pupil)

“It has helped me to learn about university life and I got some good tips from my mentor” (Pupil)

“e-mentoring has given me a lot more confidence. It has also helped me to learn the importance of the future” (Pupil)

“The scheme was very helpful with exams and preparing for them. My mentor helped me cope with the stress leading up to the exams and overall, I think the programme was worthwhile” (Pupil)

“It helped me think about further education and revision planning with someone who has already experienced it” (Pupil)

“I have enjoyed speaking to the mentees, helping them with revision and looking up different information which they were finding difficult to locate” (Mentor)

“It has helped me gain a new perspective on education and also the sense of achievement that I have been helping pupils decide on their future and also letting them know what is available for them after school” (Mentor)


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