Business and e-mentoring

Business e-mentoring is a cost-effective way to increase employee engagement, loyalty and upskill employees. It does not impinge on the existing IT infrastructure as each customer has their own website and URL hosted and maintained by us. This allows a company to brand their own site and thereby strengthen their corporate identity and commitment to development of people. There are two ways to use eMentor Pro in a corporate environment:

In the community...

eMentor Pro is an easy way of using employees' life and career experiences to improve the lives of young people in the community. eMentor Pro has inbuilt child protection measures covering both the mentors and the mentees. All emails are routed through a secure eMentor Pro email address and therefore are recorded, giving a full audit trail.

In the workplace...

eMentor Pro makes an effective administrative tool for workplace based e-mentoring programmes ideal for supporting graduate recruitment programmes, internships/apprenticeships and CPD initiatives.

Why e-mentoring?

  • More flexible and less time consuming than face to face meetings.
  • Less expensive in terms of employees' time; each employee can mentor more than one mentee.
  • Allows for communication across time and distance
  • Increases engagement and sense of belonging for new and potential employees

Why use eMentor Pro ?

  • Users can email from either their work or personal address.
  • Central record of all activity
  • Administrators have total access to records of all employees registered on eMentor Pro
  • To ensure a successful matching administrators can match according to skills and experience.
  • Central point of contact for all employees on the mentoring scheme.
  • The clear audit trail and reporting features allow for discreet monitoring.

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