E-Mentoring Pro

Specialist e-mentoring

eMentor Pro has been helping provide secure internet-based mentoring for young and vulnerable people since 2002. Since then we have widened our area of expertise to encompass education, social and corporate mentoring.

Mentoring allows people who are skilled either in specific areas or in general life skills, to help people with less experience, as they work to establish their own aspirations and how they might achieve their goals. eMentor Pro facilitates these relationships by allowing secure and safe communication without the constraints of time or geography.

Secure stand alone e-mail based mentoring has the following advantages:

  • It can be done anywhere
  • It can be done at any time
  • It encourages honest feedback
  • Both mentors and mentees have time to give considered responses
  • It can be less demanding on coordinator and mentor's time
  • There is a record of all that takes place
  • Activity reports can be generated on demand
  • It can be used as a stand alone solution or in conjunction with face to face.

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